Black Hill Cabins & Motel at Quail's Crossing
2016 Sturgis Rally Rates &  Availability!!!!!
Just a beautiful hour ride from Sturgis, your choice of at least 5 routes.

Rally rates & policy applies to reservations that including  Aug. 04 - 14th at this time
** Minimum paid stay of 7 nights for Reservations Including those dates.

Motel Suite - 6 beds, 2 baths: Available 

Motel Penthouse Suite - 3 beds, 2 baths: Available 

8 - Cabin - 3 beds, 1 bath: Available

3 - Motel rooms  w/1 king bed: Available

3 - Motel rooms w/1 queen & 1 double bed: Available

Fill out inquiry form for rate quote at this time. 
Rates & remaining availability will be listed on this site by September 20 / 2015 

Cleaning service rates listed on Cabins & Motel suite pages
Refundable cleaning deposit: Cabins - $75. / 3 beds Suite - $75. / 6 beds Suite - $100.
Cleanup list is posted on cabin & suite pages, list must be completed for refund -
NO EXCEPTIONS or waive refund to have accommodation cleaned for you.

YOUR GUEST-S: Additional $15.83 per guest per day for visits over 1.5 hours or using
amenities or staying for meal prepared at BH Cabins & Motel @ Quail's Crossing.

By request: change out 1 queen bed for 2 single beds in 1 bedroom in each cabin.  
Additional charge $42.20

50% deposit on reservations made prior to January 09/2016 with balance by Jan. 31/2016
100 % deposit on all reservations made after January 08/2015
CC payment: signed confirmation & CC slip Return by email or fax in 24 hrs. 
Return by USPS  within 5 days.
Check & money order payments must be recieved by 5 working days. 

Cancellation & refund only if reserved to another paid in full party prior to check in date. 
Less 25% service charge.

On location Laundromat  available. Wash $1.00 // Dry $1.00 Includes soap & dryer sheet
email me
Come enjoy our hospitality, the comradeship and have fun with us. We will see you then.    George & Kristine
Call George at 
(605) 391-3217 
to reserve or for  questions email me.
2010 was Mom & Dad's first Rally, 
they might not been on a bike, but 
everyone here at Quail's Crossing,
Hill City & even in Sturgis made 
them feel welcome. I thank you all!!!  If you ever see them it is Grandpa & Grandma  Heywood. Say Hi
Riding with George & Kristine.